Tennessee Titans Injury Report
Each football team will have their fair share of injuries, it is part of the game. On this page, TitansOdds.com has a complete Injury Report that lists each player with their respective injury. So keep this page close for when that season starts, you will need to know what is going with each Titans player.

Titans Seek to Boost Performance by Extending Matthews Contract
The Tennessee Titans are seeking to consolidate their player power even as the NFL regular season draws near. On Tuesday, the Titans announced that they would be extending Rishard Matthews' contract. This is a one-year extension for the wide receiver who has proven to be a formidable force in the slot. This is a move that has been widely seen as a mode to up performance in NFL week 1 and beyond. Indeed, the team may be looking to set the pace. Having said this, there are many uncertainties on the form and health of Matthews. It is not even clear whether he will participate in the first week of the regular season.

No Holds Barred As Titans Jalen Ramsey Assesses Fellow Quarterbacks
Jalen Ramsey is known for his stellar delivery as a cornerback at the Jacksonville Jaguars. His credentials are indeed known across the NFL. The player though is also known to be very candid and explicit in his comments. He is often caught trash talking other players and virtually anyone deserving his wrath. This is something that has been an unnerving issue in the past. Speaking recently about various quarterbacks, the script played out in an all too familiar manner. It will be interesting to see various QB's and their performance this NFL season. Not so long ago, Ramsey was very vocal against a reporter who had reported of a fight in the Jacksonville Jaguars quarters. His comments earned a week's suspension. This week though, the player was in the media again for another tirade.

Tennessee Titans Draft Picks – What is the Latest
It also is referred to as Players Selection Meeting.

Some Finer Points about Tennessee Titans Draft Picks
With the NFL season already on the move, there is quite a bit of excitement as far as team selection is concerned. While the seasoned and experienced players could be sitting pretty, it is the new and young players who have their task cut out. They need to find out ways and means to get an entry and for many of them it could be the first match.

2018 NFL MVP: Where Marcus Mariota Stands with His Odds
The 2018 NFL season begins on Sept. 6, and it will be season No. 99 since the league started. Just like any other team, the Tennessee Titans will be playing to reach the playoffs; however, QB Marcus Mariota must be the one with the magic wand for his team to have a special season. The 24-year-old was drafted in 2015 and one of the best moments he would die to live for this season is winning the NFL MVP. Tennessee Titans Odds should be good enough to also help fans exude joy from wins and determination from losses.

A Look Back At Tennessee's 2016 NFL Draft
The Tennessee Titans were expected to still be rebuilding last season, but they surprised a lot of people when they finished second in the AFC South last season and made the playoffs. They also surprised a lot of folks when they defeated the Kansas City Chiefs in the Wildcard game before falling to the New England Patriots in the Divisional round of the playoffs.

Joe Este: The latest Undrafted Free Agent Titans Signing
In May, the Titans held a mini-camp for rookies that lasted three days. In total, Tennessee closed camp with a total of 88 players in their roster of 90. There was clearly a gap for two more players to join the team. The team drafted four players in 2018 and brought on board up to 22 undrafted agents. 21 players also took part in the mini-camp in Nashville. Joe Este became the 23rd free agent who is undrafted to sign with the Titans. This player no doubt impressed Robinson and Vrable. Este is a former UT-Martin cornerback. With this signing, it is expected that the Titans odds will be boosted greatly.

Titans Add Depth at Quarterback Position: Outlook on the Depth Chart
It is no secret that the Titans have struggled to retain a healthy quarterback who can participate in all 16 games. In this case, one of the most promising quarterbacks, Marcus Mariota has received his fair share of criticism in the NFL. It goes without saying that the quarterback downtime has greatly affected the productivity of the team; and more so the offensive line. To mitigate the problem, the Titans have always had a less-expensive backup who is supposed to shield the team when need be. However, this backup plan has not always yielded fruit. You will remember that Tennessee had to concede a game in Miami in the past year.

Titans Make Solid Moves with their Draft Players
The Tennessee Titans made the playoffs last season, and despite losing former head coach Mike Mularkey, they are expected to be contenders this season, thanks to what is being considered one of their best draft classes.

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