How Free Agency Moves will Impact the Titans Roster
Whenever there are free agency signings for any team, it is imperative to think about the effect therein. Jon Robinson has made interesting changes to create a new Titans roster. The whole point of bringing free agents on board is to improve the performance of the team. In some cases, teams will choose the most talented players while overlooking their fit and form. This does not work very well in the NFL. Fit in many instances overrides talent. The Titans have made strategic free agency moves. Perhaps, this will increase the Titans odds for next season.
Some of the most impressive free agent signings by Tennessee include Dion Lewis and Malcolm Butler. The Titans have chosen to retain great players like Spain, Kline and Jones. The reason why this roster is outstanding has to do with the individual fit of the players. They are remarkable and their form is satisfactory. It is this edge that should reflect improved results on the ground. The addition of Lewis will further reinforce the backfield. This means great support for Mariota and Henry. These running backs have their own unique style of delivery; which will be complementary to the players. It is all about having the right balance of skill sets while commanding the running game.
The retention of Spain and Kline will play a very significant role. These guards have great chemistry and they have been worthy assets to the Titans. The offensive line has to be kept on toes and this roster should work well to overcome the many challenges that come up. The addition of Butler will refresh the defensive backfield. This flexibility will see Ryan concentrate on his cornerback position where he thrives. This time, the Titans have greatly improved their roster with excellent cover corners. This way, opposition from pass-catchers can be tamed effectively without having to rely on McCain or Sims.
As if this is not enough, the defensive backfield of the Titans has further received a boost from the retention of Jones. This player may not be the most decorated in the team but his consistency as a pass rusher has held the team together. Re-signing Jones is more significant than many realize. In the next season, his strategic positioning will play a crucial role in strengthening the backfield defense while helping line-backing along the way. In reality, all these players may not post any extraordinary performances. This is going by history where Kline and Spain hold the underrated guard position. Butler has not had more than four interceptions and Henry and Lewis may split the carries.
Having said all this, success for these players is best seen in their teamwork and effort. Because of their moves, they are able to propel their teammates to go an extra mile to attain the desired success. Head coach Vrable and general manager Robinson have therefore put together a roster that is cohesive. It is not a player-centric lineup. Rather, it is a strong machine that is geared to working in harmony with complementary benefits. This could be the definition of a winning team.


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