Tennesse Titans Have Their Sights Trained On Ndamukong Suh
The Tennessee Titans are keen on making a major move in this season of negotiations with free agents. The key player that the team hopes to sign up is none other than Ndamukong Suh. The defensive player is currently in Nashville discussing with the Titan's management team. While there are many good Tennessee Titans players on the offense, the defense is not particularly impressive.
Suh's reputation is commendable in the NFL and he is one of those players who are always high on demand. The defensive player has been engaging in talks with a couple of teams and his visit to Nashville comes right after his visit to the New Orleans Saints. Suh has been recently released from his lengthy and expensive contract with Miami Dolphins.
There is no doubt that the Titans badly need a strong defense and this is why the management has been keen on discussing possibilities with Suh. With his abilities, Suh would perfectly seal any loopholes that the Titans defense might have. A combined effort of Suh and Jurrell Casey would provide a formidable force at the defense.
Will Suh Actually End Up With The Titans?
As to whether Suh might actually end up at Nashville, the simple answer is - certainly. The shared history between Suh and the defense coach Terrell Williams is too important to be ignored. The two first met at Miami and worked for three seasons. It is thus expected that the fruitful relationship created there would be a compelling factor for both the coach and player.
The Titans are also a little short on defensive players and they urgently need new replacements. The recent departure of Sylvester Williams and Karl Klug has created an opportunity for a player like Suh. For him, signing up with the team would also mean more appearances on the field.
Their recent history at the playoffs also makes a strong case for the Titans intention of wanting to get Suh on board. They had a promising season last year when they participated in their first playoffs in years. A player like Suh would definitely raise the stakes for the team this new season. Most players on the team are also approaching the slowdown phase of their careers and a great showing at the playoffs would be highly meaningful to them.
The Likelihood of the Titans Signing Him Up
The case for a defensive player like Suh being on the Titans team is strong and a deal would be welcome. The road to the actualization of such a deal is however always tricky since it boils down to finances. For Suh, the prevailing idea is to get himself a great package that will see him peacefully transition to his retirement. For the Titans, however, it is all about what Suh will bring to the team. The value of a player like Suh cannot be underestimated but the Titans staff, led by GM Jon Robinson, will be keen to get overall value for the money they decide to spend. There is no doubt that a younger defensive player would offer security for the future of the Titans, but they will ultimately have to settle for who is on the market.


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