Philadelphia Ealges Injury Report
The season keep moving forward and so does the Ealges Injury Report. This report gets updated weekly so bookmark this page.

Tennessee Titans Players : Transactions
The Tennessee Titans players are back at it, but before we can see them in action, we have to wait for all the thrills that the transactions can bring us and not to forget the Draft.

Kerry Coombs will Shine at the Titans According to His Former Students
Kerry Coombs, the current secondary coach at the Titans is receiving a lot of praise from three of his former defensive players. Many of the players at his new home also have a great perception of the coach. This revelation comes in the light of a recent interview on the players done at the NFL Combine.

The Titans Sign Ex-Patriots Dion Lewis and Malcolm Butler
The Tennessee Titans GM Jon Robinson has a tendency of assembling players who has worthwhile experience in the Super Bowl. The Titans' executive, who is also a former area scout for the Patriots, has managed to snatch cornerback Malcolm Butler from his former employers. According to ESPN, the five-year contract amounts to $61.25 million, along with more than $30 million guaranteed. As soon as the free agency period begins on Wednesday, Titan’s players could be the first to celebrate the key huge-paycheck move by Butler, the ex-patriots cornerback. Since the deal is yet to be made public, the provider of this information spoke in obscurity.

Tennessee Titans Roster offers the full player roster for the Tennessee Titans. On the list, you will find from which college each player came from plus their postion, height, weight, age, and experience.

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