Titans General Manager's Take on Free Agency and NFL Draft
Jon Robinson, the Titans general manager talked in-depth about the draft and free agency. Robinson was speaking at a meeting for season ticket members that was hosted at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel. The manager started off on a light note when asked about the first-round of the draft. Unlike the previous years, the Titans have the 25th overall pick in their first round. You will remember that in 2016 and 2017, they had the 8th and 18th overall picks consecutively. Robinson joked that his food appetite would go up as he headed into the NFL draft.
However, Robinson was quick to point out that having the 25th chance to pick a draft does not necessarily mean that the Titans will fill their needs this way. The Titans general manager has a history of being very resourceful when it comes to picking ideal Tennessee Titans players. In the past couple of seasons, he was responsible for many deals that saw 10 trades take place. In light of this, there is a lot of room to orchestrate many negotiations that will culminate into getting the right players for different slots. Robinson went on to say that when they identify the right talent, they will do everything possible to draft that player. In this respect, the team is willing to trade in a bid to get the most desired person for the job. Tennessee is definitely open to suggestions and deals from other teams.
In fact, the Titans manager went on to add that his phone is always open for new ideas. This coming week will see the team head to the NFL Combine in Indianapolis. At the Titans camp, head coach Vrabel and the entire coaching staff is headed there. In addition, all personnel and scouts of the team will not be left behind as well. A lot happens at the NFL Combine. It is a chance for each NFL team to interview up to 60 players. Top cream in college players are showcased. From workouts to medical evaluations, all the necessary requirements are fulfilled. According to Robinson, the scouting process is all about getting the right men for the job and this does not always mean the most talented. He adds that the round in which a player is picked does not matter at all.
Robinson insists that it is all about the proper evaluation to land on the right player. From March 14, the Titans were free to start signing free agents. However, the general manager did not reveal too much on this front. The team has taken time to revisit contracts of players heading to free agency. To this end, players like Ryan Succop landed a contract extension. Regarding the type of players they are looking for from free agency, Robinson insisted that it is all about productivity.
He added that only good players can deliver in the team. The general manager is proud of the last season strategy where they managed to win their first playoff match-up since 2003. Robinson together with head coach Vrabel believe that having the toughest players at the core of the team is the way to go. The general manager also adds that using their resources to scout the right players will need a lot of consideration and an open mind.


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