Odds Place Titans Third to Win AFC South Title
The Tennessee Titans won their first playoff last season since the postseason of 2008. This victory seemed to inject some new life into the team boosting their morale. Owing to the frustrations for not progressing as needed, general manager Jon Robinson had to change tact if the team was to compete in the cut-throat NFL. One of the strategies was to look for a more effective head coach. In light of this, Mike Mularkey exited as his position was occupied by the promising Mike Vrabel. It is this new change of guard that the Titans are banking on to increase their odds to win the AFC South title in the 2018 season. With a divisional win, the team can cement its prowess as it marches on to the top.

Tenessee Titans odds for 2018
2017 was not a really fantastic year for the Tenessee Titans. With their coach, Mike Mularkey being scientifically rated as the second worst coach in history in the NFL the year couldn’t have been any better. However, this is a new year and a new page for the Tenessee Titans. The Titans have a new coach; Mike Vrabel and we are hoping he is an upgrade. The Tenessee Titans last year ended at 9-7. This year however may not be a big change for the Tenessee Titans. Oddmakers predict that the Tenessee Titans are most likely going to remain in their position just like last year besides having a new coach. Hopefully that will not be the case.

Offseason Grades of AFC South: An Overview
There is no doubt in the fact that AFC South has provided unlimited craziness in this off season. It has made an exception in the division of NFL as the coach was fired in spite of leading the team to playoffs. The reason why Mike Mularkey was fired is still not known.

The Colts Playing Catch Up to their AFC South Rivals through a Rebuild
The Indianapolis Colts are currently in a uniquely fraught position in the AFC South Division. While they are currently planning on building up the team, the rest of the divisions seems to have moved on long ago. The team is not only scouring for new talent but they are also grappling with a new coaching staff that includes general manager Chris Ballard. A couple of players are definitely expected to return in the offseason and some playmakers will remain around too. This is no reprieve however since the team urgently needs some talent in key positions. Starters, for instance, are desperately needed if this team's odds to win the AFC South are considered.

Confusion Surrounding The Recent Rule In The NFL's Unclear World
Recently, NFL cleared the air concerning what will constitute a catch, but before the dust settled another rule has now ignited a hot debate. Outlawing the use of a helmet as weapon is a noble idea, but its more of a gray area especially in the coming days when full-speed games begin. NFL players are yet to hear the full discussion that everyone is talking about, this is according to Roger Goodell (NFL Commissioner) when speaking after completing the league's annual meeting. He acknowledged that there is more work to be done concerning the well-intentioned rule. As we digest this debate, Titans odds has created a lot of optimism and everyone should take close look at these odds.

New ESPN Rankings Disregard the Tennessee Titans
The current Titans power rankings by the ESPN are problematic at the least. Despite having a spectacular season and being among the small group of seven teams that won a playoff game, they are not ranked within the top 10.

New Uniforms for the Titans
The Titans will have a major event planned to happen in downtown Nashville on April 4, for the unveiling of the team’s new uniform. On Monday after the NFL owners meetings, Amy Adams Strunk-the Titans owner, deliberated on the new threads. However, she was cautious about giving many clues.

Marcus Mariota vs Other AFC South Quarterbacks
The Jacksonville Jaguars were very close to the Super Bowl, a situation that should embarrass the AFC South. Even Tennessee titans players could not disagree.

Tennesse Titans Odds to Win AFC South
There might be a lot of hope and excitement in the Titans home city of Nashville but that does not help the teams odds against the Colts in the AFC South. The Titans and Colts are expected to face-off again this season and nothing could be more unnerving than that encounter. This is especially since the Titans odds to win AFC South have been touted as the longest. There have been some radical changes and improvements to the team but that has accounted for nothing.

Titans General Manager's Take on Free Agency and NFL Draft
Jon Robinson, the Titans general manager talked in-depth about the draft and free agency. Robinson was speaking at a meeting for season ticket members that was hosted at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel. The manager started off on a light note when asked about the first-round of the draft. Unlike the previous years, the Titans have the 25th overall pick in their first round. You will remember that in 2016 and 2017, they had the 8th and 18th overall picks consecutively. Robinson joked that his food appetite would go up as he headed into the NFL draft.