Overcoming the Negative Issues to Improve the Tennessee Titans Odds for Achieving Glory
Though the fans filled with optimism hope, the Tennessee Titans odds of winning for the season is higher, the reality is far from it. Unfortunately, the optimism flowing in Nashville, the home base of the team hasn’t seeped out into the NFL landscape. By revamping the team with the new coaching staff, free agent signings, the team is hoping to bounce back with a bang. But, the team has underachieved last season in spite of boasting about a talented team. The expectations are sky high for the Titans, but the issues of unproven NFL coach’s inclusion in the coaching staff has left them with several answered questions that are posing issues to the team. The team formed in 1960 was named Houston Oilers and joined NFL in 1970. The team changed its name twice, first to Tennessee Oilers(1997-1998) then to Tennessee Titans from 1999.
The History of Win
It is an unpredictable team, which can create wonders unexpectedly as it has displayed its magical game in several divisional playoffs. It has twenty-two playoff appearances to its credit from the ear 1960 to 2017. Among them, four for AFL (1960, 1961, 1962, and 1967) and eighteen for NFL (1978-1980, 1987- 1993, 1999-2000, 2002-2003, 2007-2008, and 2017). It has nine Division Championship (including AFL East, AFL Central, and AFL South), one conference championship, and two league championships.
Prediction for Current Season’s Win
The Tennessee Titans odds of winning is at the all-time low as they are unable to garner respect from the audience. The BetDSI Sportsbook predicts the Super Bowl odds for Titans as +4100 that is the 11th worst. According to the Odds Shark, the Titans share the position with the Colts for the worst odds in the AFC south season. The Titan’s new coach Mike Vrabel is embracing himself to face the tough season and a tougher schedule in 2018. The Titans knowing the importance of a solid team have made big inclusions including signing Malcolm Butler (top cornerback) and Dion Lewis (running back). The Titans have a strong team that can prove the oddsmakers as wrong. So, with the new additions, the team may pull off wins that can surprise everyone.
Players to Look Forward
The overhauling of the team including the staff members can induce the much-needed positive energy to the players. The back-to-back seasons wins is giving confidence to the players and the management as the hope to conquer the Super Bowl. With the star quarterback Marcus Mariots, the team is expecting to make it big. The running back is strengthened by the presence of DeMarco Murray and the defense is safe with Jurrell Cassey. So, the current potent combination of players can give tough competition as the team is consistent.
The Titans fans have reasons for their sour mood about the probability of a win in the Super Bowl. Though it has a good team, it badly performed resulting in a 9-7 finish. The glaring issues of the team like the non-dominant defense and regression of offense resulted in the team’s under-performance. If the team can overcome the issues, then the fans can expect a treat with their playing skills that will lead them to the finals of Super Bowl.


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