Mariota's Deflected Pass Secures The Win For Tennessee Titans
Like any NFl player, there are great moments and then there are just terrible moments. The good news is that on this article, we will be talking about Marcus Mariota's performance on last season NFL Wild Card Round game against the Chiefs... You tell me
Cheifs vs Titans
Team 1 2 3 4 T
Cheifs 14 7 0 0 21
Titans 0 3 7 12 22
Marcus Mariota's performance against the Kansas City Chiefs was not looking very good for some moments during the game. He tried to set up his counterpart and missed on a couple of occasions but that did not stop him from making the perfect move when it mattered. Mariota struggled with a couple of throws to Corey Davis. This seemed to compromise the prospects of the team for a moment. For all the missed opportunities that he had, however, his successful block in the dying moments of the game allowed the running back, Derrick Henry, to completely seal the win for the Tennessee Titans. Even though the Titans odds favored to win, the whole story is captured in the actual moments of the game.
For the most part of the game, the Titans were struggling a lot. The Chiefs defense on several occasions proved to be formidable against the straining Titans' offense. Indeed, the game was at 21-3 in favor of the Chiefs at one point. Among the many bad throws that Mariota made was one that was shut down by the Chiefs in the third quarter. This nevertheless provided the opportunity for Mariota to run with the batted throw to and deliver a spectacular touchdown.
Mariota was undoubtedly encouraging his team to move forward for the most part of the game before the successful break came. Being several points behind the Chiefs, a lot of work was needed to ensure that the deficit was closed. The fourth quarter proved to be a total breakthrough when Mariota made the move to deliver the match-winning pass to Eric Decker. This particular pass was definitely much different from what the Chiefs defense could have expected. Even the spectators themselves were visibly not ready for what transpired after the botched pass.
As expected, the Chiefs were caught off guard and they tried everything they could to turn the tables again. Their efforts were, however, a little too late since the game was technically done. The spirited efforts by the Chiefs to get past the Titans did not materialize as they ended up quickly losing the ball to their opponents. For a moment, it looked as if Henry would make a mistake as he tried to use up the remaining seconds in the game. The Chiefs defense did not have any extra tricks left and the game ended in favor of the Titans. Before Mariota's touchdown, it would have been easy to assume that the initial result would stand as not much was happening in the Titans' backyard.
The raw stats for Mariota were also very impressive after the game. He had over 200 passing yards by the end of the game and an interception. The all-important touchdown can also not be forgotten. The most impressive part of his performance was however captured during the match and not necessarily on the box score.
As the team relishes in the newly found success, they will also need to keep tabs on the Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Buffalo Bills game in order to know who their opponent in the next Divisional Round game will be.

Mariota Doing His Magic

Mariota Catching His Own Pass... Sort of

Mariota Catching Pass to Eric Decker

Tennessee Titans Matchup Kansas City Chiefs
23 1st Downs 19
12 Passing 1st downs 14
9 Rushing 1st downs 3
2 1st downs from penalties 2
8-13 3rd down efficiency 4-11
0-0 4th down efficiency 0-1
64 Total Plays 53
397 Total Yards 325
10 Total Drives 10
6.2 Yards per Play 6.1
195 Passing 256
19-31 Comp-Att 24-33
5.9 Yards per pass 6.9
1 Interceptions thrown 0
2-10 Sacks-Yards Lost 4-8
202 Rushing 69
31 Rushing Attempts 16
6.5 Yards per rush 4.3
1-2 Red Zone (Made-Att) 3-3
8-50 Penalties 8-68
2 Turnovers 0
1 Fumbles lost 0
1 Interceptions thrown 0
0 Defensive / Special Teams TDs 0
32:28 Possession 27:32

2017 AFC South Standings
Jacksonville 10 6 0 .625 417 268
Tennessee 9 7 0 .563 334 356
Indianapolis 4 12 0 .250 263 404
Houston 4 12 0 .250 338 436

2017 AFC West Standings
Kansas City 10 6 0 .625 415 339
Los Angeles 9 7 0 .563 355 272
Oakland 6 10 0 .375 301 373
Denver 5 11 0 .313 289 382

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