What Titan's General Manager Jon Robinson Revealed About Free Agency
Recently, the Titans signed a former Patriots cornerback Malcom Butler in free agency. He is the latest free agency to join the list of Tennessee players this season. When talking about the team's free agency after attending NFL owners' meetings, Jon Robinson, the Titans' general manager revealed their new additions will fit in and what we should expect going ahead. He believes that Butler is committed to winning and also committed to his football team. Robinson also said that Butler will give the Titans the much-needed solid options at the cornerback when playing alongside Adoree Jackson and Logan Ryan. Another former Patriots player who joined Titans early this month on free agency is Dion Lewis.
What about Kevin Pamphile, the former Buccaneers lineman who signed last week? When speaking at the Ritz-Calrton before attending a session with the league officials, Robinson discussed about his team's position in free agency. However, he didn't touch on the issue of Ndamukong Suh, a defensive lineman on free agency from Dolphin. He visited the Titans last week, but nothing much has been revealed. Suh has also made similar visits to Rams and Saints, and during the owners meetings that was held on Sunday, the Jets made it clear that they had rescinded their current offer to Suh. Other players on free agency that have expressed interest with Titans include Keenan Robinson, Blaine Gabbert and Will Compton, and just like Suh, the three players are also unsigned.
In a wide-arranging discussion, Robinson said that a lot of the game is usually played in the sub-defense and sub-offense, where you need good DBs and cornerbacks to cover and go out there. Titans believe adding Malcom, coupled with Adoree and Logan, its going to be a pretty good matchup. LeShaun Sims and Tye Smith also played very well in the last season. Butler has recorded eight interceptions and started 47 out of 48 for his former team (Patriots) during the last three seasons. In 2017 season, he recorded 98% defensive snaps where he had two interceptions and 60 tackles. This definitely shows a great track record in the league and still has a lot to offer and will make good use of this opportunity.
Dion Lewis is another great player with 141 all-purpose yards who displayed an excellent performance when he played against Titans during the last year's playoffs. The 5-foot-8 running back led NFL in 2017 with 625 rushing yards which is an average of 5.12 yards for each carry. Most of the backs recorded 4.98 yards in the last season. The 195-pounds playmaker also has a good quickness that the Titans needs this season. He runs hard and can pass the game from the backfield. There is a possibility of a one-two punch with Derrick Henry (returning back) and Lewis. According to Robinson, they can complement each other very well since they're both have fast players. Derrick is the kind of player who easily get downhill, press and hit the hole and outrun people. For Dion, he's the kind of player people can miss since he can squirt out and remain good at the backfield.
Kevin Pamphile is expected to add more competition in the team's offensive line. At 27, Pamphile spent the last 4 seasons in the Tampa Bay playing as a guard and tackle. The Titans believe that he will bring the versatility since he can play most positions on the offensive. Most of his career, Pamphile has played as a left guard, but he will compete with others and see where he can fit best. Robinson has indicated that Titans might sign more free agency players in the coming days. This is because the team has also lost some key player in free agency such as Avery Willamson (inside linebacker), Sylvester Williams (defensive lineman), DeMarco Murray (running back), Karl Klug (defensive lineman), Erick Weems (receiver) and Matt Cassel (quarterback). What will happen next, remains to be seen. According to Robinson, they're just trying to build a good football team.


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