Nissan Stadium | Titans
Located in Nashville Tennessee, Nissan Stadium is used for multiple purposes. From music festivals to college football games, this versatile stadium is the official home to the Tennessee Titans and the State Tigers.

A Quick Look at the Houston Oilers' History
Before Tennesse Titans were known by their current name, they were called the Houston Oilers and they were owned by Bud Adams and they retained this name until 1996.

Tennessee Titans Official Logos and Uniforms Over The Years
The Tennessee Titans players are defined by their iconic colors. The team first had an oil rig derrick as their official logo which marked the team's years as the Oilers. At this time, white or blue jerseys, white pants, and a red trim were the official colors. Except for a few instances where the team had an all-white outfit during the 70's and 80's, light blue pants and white jerseys comprised the official road colors. 1995 marked the end of the light blue pants for the team.